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Location does not require a large area. Goats do not need much space to live because of their small body. They can easily share their living space with their owners or their livestock. In addition, goats are ideal for mixed farming with other domestic animals.

Fresh and clean water should be available in the area regularly and easily as goats need to drink a good amount of water daily to stay healthy. Full-time labor for the care of animals should be readily available.

Generally, they thrive and grow well in warm areas where water does not stagnate easily. The ideal location would be a place on the outskirts of villages or cities where the air is clean and free from pollution. Since they like to eat a lot of grass every day, the pastures should be located near the rearing shed and they should have plenty of grassy bushes, shrubs. The surface should be clean and dry and even the soil floor will be suitable except for areas with heavy rainfall, snow which makes it wet and slippery.

The local market for buying essential food items, groceries, and selling meat, milk should be closed within a short travel time. Before deciding on a location, it may be best to anticipate the local population’s demand for milk and meat. Local licenses and approvals are required from the competent authorities and their and their costs need to be identified, to assess whether they are more competitive than other locations and not excessive, fences should be readily available at reasonable prices.


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