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  1. Goats are careful eaters and can tolerate more bitterness than other animals. Therefore, they can grow on agricultural by-products, waste, and other such food. In addition, they are strong and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Their tongues are suitable for grazing and their upper lips are mobile. So they can graze on very short grasses, shrubs, bushes, and trees. Goats should be provided legumes besides pulses, wheat, maize, etc. they generally prefer leguminous fodder over straw or corn silage. In addition, they need at least 14-15% protein as well as high mineral compounds such as iodized salt, bonemeal, zinc oxide, ferrous carbonate, high-grade limestone, copper sulphate, and vitamins. Farmers are given 100grams per day of concentrate mixture while an adult does and bucks are given a concentrate ration of 200-250 grams per day. On average, each goat consumes 5-7 kg of green fodder and one liter of water daily. According to statistics, one acre of fodder is enough to feed 35 goats. Always try to keep your goats healthy.
  2. The amount of food and type of feeding equipment depends largely on your area, housing and fencing. If you are going for a traditional wooden or wire fence, you can put feed buckets or troughs bin your fence. If you have an electric fence, you will probably have some kind of housing inside the fenced area where you can install feeders. Other important considerations are water and grass feeders. If your area is experiencing severe wet seasons, consider buckets of warm water. This will make things easier for you, so you don’t have to change the water all day long in the cold. About herbivores, goats (especially pregnant goats) should never encounter loose grass. This can lead to serious health conditions such as bloating and miscarriage. You want to make sure the grass stays dry and away from the ground. For this, make or buy covered grass feeders that keep the grass at a considerable distance from the ground.
  3. Healthy goats= high yields = maximum profits. So, you have to be more careful to keep your goats healthy.


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