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  1. Goats are best for crawling at short intervals or climbing over fences. A five-foot fence or more stronger than a ‘’no-climb’’ wire fence between lines, is harder to climb or slip than a fence made of horizontal beams. If you have the money and are, then make sure to make separate, strong box pens, especially with strong and long fences. This fence will prevent your bucks from accessing your work on easter. In other words, it will prevent your goats from breeding un planned. Significantly different-sized goats should not be kept together unless they are kept with their mother.
  2. Fencing for goats needs to be protected, not only to keep them in doors, but also to keep out predators (foxes, bears, dogs, coyotes and more.) then put a fence inside the goats to keep the goats away from each other (this can be temporary or permanent)
  3. Permanent fencing – permanent fencing can also be made with high tensile wire, but if you aim for small predators as foxes are kept away, can easily crawl under a six-inch high wire. A strand of barbed or electric wire at the top will help keep goats in and more predators out
  4. Your goats will need a place to go in the dry season and rainy season. A small pole barn will work fine. Breeds of thick coats goats may be able to withstand cold temperatures but first, check with an experienced goat famer. A three-sided wall will provide fresh air if you live in a mild climate. If your area is experiencing a cold, create a completely closed, draft free environment, but let the goats out during the day. Goats hate puddles and wet weather. If you live in a rainy area, you may want to provide a large indoor enclosure.

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