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Several goats are ideal for milk, meat, and various other purposes. Let’s take a look at the important things you need to know to choose the right goat for your goals. Next, in this initial guide to raising goats, we will talk about how to prepare and care for your goats. Different types of goats are available for goat farming in the world. Breeds of goats are divided into different groups according to their production. Here we are briefly describing the different types of goats.

Dairy goats- if your goal is to produce milk, cheese, and other diary products, you may want to choose a diary goat breed based on some factors. Every breed of milk has a slightly different taste, so that’s one consideration. their attitudes are different as well as their milk

This breed of goat is famous for its milk production. Saneen, Toggenburg, Barbari, Jamunapari, alpines Lamanchas, Nigerian Dwarfs, etc., are high milk producing breeds of goats. Some dairy goats are also  suitable for meat production

A favorite Nubian goat’s milk. The Nubians are one of the most charismatic goat breeds out there, but they can be quite loud and aggressive. In general, they are a very cute breed of goat with a unique shape. They even make well packed goats

Goat meat breeds- although any goat can be used for its meat, the two most popular meat goats bare Boer, savannah, khalahari and Kiko goats . Boers goats are a strong breed with white body, brown head, and backward curved back. Some people say that Boer goats are the hardest and easiest meat to raise while others prefer other breeds of meat goats.


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