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A savanna goat is a solid white, short-haired domestic goat with dark grey or black skin. They are descendants of Boer goats bred specifically for their white coats, dark skin, and hardiness in the harsh savanna climate.

Savanna goat’s gestation

A savanna goat’s gestation is typically 150 days. They wean at about three months and become sexually mature at four to six months. Once does wean their young, they can immediately breed again to produce up to three litters every two years.

Disease resistance

Savanna goats are resistant to tick-borne diseases and tolerant of goat worms and other parasites, drought, and heat. Very little healthcare intervention is required in their native veld.


Savanna goats are medium to large in scale with other domestic goats with an average weight of 130 kgs. They have large lob ears that hang as long as their chin. The animal’s hair is short and white all over its body, covering dark grey or black skin


Boers and Savanna goats both achieve sexual maturity at five months of age


Savanna goats are herbivores. In the wild or on range lands they are browsers that eat primarily shrubs, leaves, fruit, and soft shoots. The goats also eat grains fed to them by their farmers. These typically consist of grass, alfalfa, clover, oats, other grains, and some corn


Their prices are relative to their pedigree/ bloodline

Pure males costs 5.5M

Pure female costs 4M

Cross breeds cost between 450k to 1M.

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