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Dairy cattle are commonly reared under three production systems:

1) Zero-grazing: The animals are housed and the farmers bring all the feed and water to the animals. The zero grazing results in higher milk yields per cow (15-30) litres/cow.

ii) Semi zero-grazing: the animals are confined but released to graze at least for a few hours per day.

iii) Open range: Here the animals are grazed in open fields throughout the day and given water and minerals in the gazing field. Majority of the smallholder farmers practice zero and semi-zero grazing.

Whatever system a farmer chooses it is important to plan properly for feeding.  This is where we come in as *kimd construction and farm consultants Ltd.*

  • We construct all these production systems for you wherever you are at affordable prices, and teach you how to use them in order to benefit more.
  • We offer consultancy services in case of any questions.
  • We have all kinds of cattle nutritional feeds for faster cattle growth and milk production.
  • We offer veterinary services like vaccination among others

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