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There are two main types of problems related to pregnancy. They are Pregnancy Toxemia and Abortions.

  1. Pregnancy Toxemia

This is a problem in the late pregnancy, normally the last month and especially last two weeks. It is normally related to a doe with multiple kids. During the last two months, the kids are adding 70% of their birthing weight. During the final weeks, there is additional nutritional requirements for the kids as they continue to increase in size and there is less and less room for the rumen to hold the same amount of food. The goat’s body will give the kids nutritional needs the priority at the expense to the mother. She may not be able to consume enough nutrition and the body will start converting the mother’s carbohydrates stored in her tissues. This leads to the release of keton bodies into her blood – a sign that her metabolism is faulty.The symptoms will be a loss of appetite, not wanting to get up or move around, sweet-smelling breath (rapid breathing), limping and swelling of feet or walking very tenderly. Give the affected doe propylene glycol twice a day in the morning and afternoon. You can also create a mixture of sodium bicarbonate with water and give it twice a day morning and afternoon for 3-5days.Help get the doe up and moving around during the day and offering her high energy food.

  1. Abortions

Abortion can either due to nutritional problems or infectious diseases

  1. Nutritional Problems

Proper nutrition is essential for having healthy kids.  Simultaneous deficiencies of energy and protein can cause abortion of embryos early in the pregnancy. Deficiencies of some trace minerals such as copper and iodine can be the cause of abortions.

  1. Infectious Problems

An abortion by one or more of the goats in your herd may indicate an infectious disease that needs an overall management response. It is likely that your vet will be required to identify the type of infection causing the problem. Sometimes buying breeds from unknown places that comes with very many viruses also causes abortion. Prevent abortion and related diseases that may cause it by ensuring goats’ health. Come in contact with skilled people to guide you

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The following are the infections that cause abortion:

  1. Chlamydiosis – caused by an intracellular organism. Abortion typically occurs in the last 2 months of pregnancy and especially the last 2 weeks. You should consider injecting pregnant does with tetracyclines by the intramuscular rout to try and prevent them from aborting.
  2. Toxoplasmosis – this is associated with a coccidium of cats. Cats become infected by consuming uncooked meat scraps, placentas, and small rodents. Goats become infected by eating grass, hay or grain contaminated by cat feaces. It can result in abortion, stillbirths and weak kids. However, reducing exposure to cat may help but in may lead to an increase in rats that carry other diseases.
  3. Q Fever – a bacterial disease capable of being transmitted from animals to people caused by Coxiella burnetii, a rickettsial organism. C. burnetii may be found in sheep, cattle, goats, cats, dogs, some wild animals (including many wild rodents), birds, and ticks. Animals shed the organism in their urine, feces, milk, and especially in their birth products. Abortion or stillbirths occur in late pregnancy, but only when the placenta has been severely damaged. Treatment is with tetracycline. Placentas and aborted fetuses should be destroyed by burning.
  4. Brucellosis – brucella organisms infect a goat’s placenta and udder, causing abortion and mastitis. When goats in an endemic herd are in a stressful environment and management is not adequate to control nutritional and parasitic diseases, then abortion will occur in the last 2 months of pregnancy.
  5. Listeriosis – caused by listeria monocytogenes a ubiquitous organism that may be found in soil, water, plant litter and digestive tract of ruminants. Abortions occur in the last 2 months.

Treatment is usage of tetracyclines.

Note that, tetracyclines work perfect in preventing and treating most abortion infections.

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