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This is abreed originating from south Africa, they are derived from their red coat and Kalahari desert.

They have short and floppy ears, short and protude horns backwards from head.

 Gestation period

Their gestation length is 145days to 150 days.

It can have multiple births( twins/triplets and more).


They mature fast as the  age at first breeding is 6 months.

They have excellent mothering instincts, they look after their kids very carefully and the doe generally gives birth to kids 3 times each 2 years.

They can be used as a fantastic cross breed to increase hardiness and carcass size in the local breeds


They feed on wide variety of crops, grass and grains for sustenance.

 Disease resistance

They are strong, able to survive the harsh conditions of the African landscape while still maintaining a high birth rate.

Their parasite and disease resistance allows for significantly less vaccination than the average goat breed. This lowers costs, amount of work , and allows increased ease of organic enterprise.

Their skin is fully pigmented allowing they to forage and increase gains through the heat of the day.


At a year, an ewe is mature and weighs 75kg. At 3years, a buck weighs 105kgs to 110kgs while a doe weighs 70kgs.

The meat is tender, tasty and low fat at young age. The quality of the skin is excellent, a value added trait.


The prices are relative to their pedigree/bloodline

Pure males costs5.5M

Pure female costs4M

Crosses cost between 450k to 1M

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