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Goat is a multi-use animal which is commonly reared for the meat . In the different parts of the world, goat is raised for the meat, milk, wool and leather. Goat is also called “the poor man’s cow”. In east africa, the goats can be reared in different ecological zones; hence, people are adopting goat farming as an enterprise. And, as all caste and ethnic people like goat meat; day-by-day, goat farming has become a popular business. For the goat farming, the meager needs of fodder and fewer requirements of feeds compared to rearing other livestock, goat farming requires low investment. Shed making can also be possible in a low cost, and easy to sell goats in the case of needs arises to farmer. So, the goat farming enterprise is in growing trend.

Characteristics of goat farming

1.Management (fodder, feed, shed, disease and parasite control)

After purchasing goats, an entrepreneur needs to manage shed construction as per the suitable to climate, nutritious feeding, treatment of diseases and vaccinations, control and timely treatment of goats from internal and external parasites.

2. Reproduction

After ensuring appropriate management of doe, it becomes ready for reproduction.

The mating should be ensured that parturition does not fall in the month of (July/August) and (November/December), as it would be difficult to take care of new born kids.

3. Production and income generation

After 5 months of mating, kids are produced, and income generation will be ready from selling after rearing 8-10 months.

Importance and benefits of goat farming

  • Meat production: Goat meat consists of 20.3% of the total meat produced in the country and the demand is ever in increasing trend.

Fig. No. 1.3.1 Fresh meat

  • In goat meat (chevon); We can find

— 76.8% water

— 2.6% fat

— 19.6% protein and

— 1% minerals

As, comparatively low quantity of fat and high protein, goat meat is considered beneficial to health.

  • Can be operated in low investment: In comparison of starting other livestock farming, interested small farmers can start with goats. Goats farming can bring opportunity of income generation at home for the small farmers with low investment at small space.
  • Ownership: To create, the work environment at family, traditionally goats and kids are given as (Ownership) to daughters and women family members. In this way, temptation for making ownership has promoted positively to goat farming.
  • Transformation of fodders into nutritious protein: Comparatively goats can be reared with lesser amount of feeds than other amimals. Goats eat normal forage, fodders and store in its body as meat which is full of protein.
  • Coping of needs: Goats can be sold at any time, and thus has helped to meet the needs of cash.
  • Return in short time: As the goats have capacity to give birth of more than one kid at a time, and three times in the period of two years, it generates quicker income in short time with low investment in

comparison of rearing other cattle.

NOTE: As the goat farming business can be operated through a low investment, it has given opportunity of employment and income generation to small farmers. Therefore, goat farming business has become a boon to poverty alleviation. The amount of feed and fodder necessary for one cow can be easily reared for 5-6 goats; and farmers having less land can easily raise 2-4 goats. Therefore, don’t think of any other business for investment other than goat farming business.  Come to kimd construction and farm consultants ltd and we make for you a lifetime goat farming business

  • The company makes a proper plan for your business at a friendly cost and guides on plam implementation at a friendly cost
  • We construct standard goat shelters and offer quality live stock breeds at a negotiable cost
  • The company offer quality pasture feeds and seeds, consultancy services, among others. For details, find us on all social media platforms (kimd construction and farm consultants ltd), our website page at org , or all directly on 0789058152


  • Rearing goats for milk and wool: We are raising goats mainly for the meat. But, in appropriate climate and management, goat farming can be done for the milk and wool.
  • Compost fertilizers for crops: Livestock are integral part of agriculture. Goat farming has a major contribution in providing fertilizers to crop production. It has reduced the dependency to chemical fertilizers and enhanced the production capacity of the land.
  • Goats are needed for traditions or festivals
  • For transportation: In parts where thereare no roads connections for transportation,
Fig. No. 1.3.3 goats used for transportation

Importance of commercialization of goat farming

  • To create opportunity of self-employment to human resources, youths and women, who remains wastage in country; and to enhance their self-respect through appropriate management
  • To increase income generation through scientific goat farming in traditional approaches
  • To reduce a large volume import of goats from neighboring country

Trust us today to make a foundation for your business and enjoy a life time profitable  investment. With kimd, quality is our priority. For further information, visit our website page at or call 0789058152. Thank you.

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