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Inbreeding is said while reproduction system in same linage of goats related to same ancestry. For example: breeding between sister and brother, father and daughter; uncle and niece, maternal uncle and niece are some examples.

There are following harms of inbreeding in goats

  • Continuous decline in breeding capacity,
  • Offspring may be in unique condition, weak and small in shape
  • Reduction in physical weight and production,
  • Bad traits may transfer in kids
  • Genetic disorder may transfer from one generation to the next
  • Reduction in immunity power
  • Age of first for parturition may increase from one generation to the next,
  • More affected by diseases

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Management of buck in rotation for removing inbreeding

It is necessary to avoid inbreeding in goats for ensuring better kids’ growth, prevent being easily affected by diseases and good production etc. To avoid such inbreeding; in every 15 months, buck should be rotated. Or, buck can be reared separately in many groups if goat farming is through cooperative to avoid inbreeding. For this purpose, the following method can be applied:

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