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Someone Asked this question on our WhatsApp platform, and thought to share the answers with the rest from here!
This is the question!

How many goats can a agoat pen of 17feet by 45feet accomodate. I don’t want to overstock?

Answered from Experience.👇👇👇

It depends on the system you will be using .

Zero-Grazing goats needs much space both in door and out door since they don’t go out to exercise in the fields.

2. Goats on Free-range system don’t need much indoor space since they just enter to sleep or run away from adverse weather.

Zero-Grazing goat need btwn 10 – 16sqft space indoor.

Free-range goats need between 3-4sqft space indoor.

Back to your question

17X45 = 765sqft
Zero-Grazing will accommodate = 50 to 70goats

Free-range will accommodate =200 to 250goats

Hope I have explained this clearly.
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Another confused member asked this!
@⁨KIMD FARMS UG⁩ i thought zero grazing would allow for more goats on space than free range?

This is what I answered him👇

The science behind the number to be raised on both systems will explain it using the following example.
If I have 10acres of land.
If am to do free range, regardless of paddocking. If we do rotational grazing then we expect not to exceed 180goats. And this is the smart way to do it on Free-range. Some can exceed but when you look at those animals, it’s hard to tell that they are doing well unless if some supplements are given.

Then when we come to Zero-Grazing.
I can gazette 1acre for housing and other farm requirements, then dedicate 9acres to pastures. These 9acres can give us feeds that can feed more 450goats.
Hope you have seen the ka science 😊😊.
If more clarification is needed 👌 am here

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