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Starting a goat farming business is relatively easy and simple. Even the beginners can also raise some goats.

Although, we recommend having training on goat farming system before starting this business commercially.

For starting and maintaining a profitable and successful business, you must have to make a proper and effective goat farming business plan and go according to the plan.

Try to Complete a Training First

You can start small scale production whenever you want. But for commercial production, it will be better if you can complete a short or full training.

Learning from existing farmers is also a very good option. Actually practical experience is much more important than book knowledge.

Today, there are many government or private NGO available throughout the world who are providing training facilities and other supports for starting and operating this business.

Select a very good farm Area

Always try to select a suitable farm land/area for your business that has all required facilities for successful goat farming business. The necessary facilities for goat farming business includes the followings.

  1. Great source of fresh and clean water supply.
  2. Availability of all types of equipment.
  3. Easily available food source.
  4. Fertile field for crop, grasses and other green plant production. Feeding green food keeps the animal healthy, productive and reduces feeding costs.
  5. Availability of full time labor.
  6. Good transportation and veterinary service.
  7. A market near the farm land so that you can sell your products easily and buy necessary commodities.


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