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  1. Business plan – As with any potential start-up, you should develop a business plan for a Diary farm. Good planning of a diary business can be done by identifying current market trends, target areas, diary loan requirements, etc. the ultimate goal is to serve customers and do thorough research by understanding geography, average income, culture, house hold type, etc. also keep the following factors in mind:
  • Type of milch animals like cows, etc
  • Number of animals
  • A print regarding facilities like breeding, milking, housing, cleaning, etc


  1. Choose a good location – Based on the physical plan developed in the last step, you need to select an ambient location that meets the requirements. You will likely need a business loan to set up a new Diary farm chose the type of cow or buffalo. Register your diary business with the relevant authorities.


  1. Get all your licenses and permits – After getting your necessary finances like a diary loan, its time to register your business/start-up legally. No business can operate without a license. Along with the charges prescribed by the government, you need to obtain the following permits:
  • Diary farm license
  • FSSAI license
  • Shed license
  • Company registration license
  • Trade license
  • Registration with ROC or registrar of farms

Any small business must stay updated with the details and requirements of MSME loans to avoid problems and inconsistencies.

  1. Purchase of machinery – Important machinery and equipment is also a significant part of the investment. Diary farm equipment includes milking machines, pasteurizers, homogenizers, storage tanks, etc. other essential machinery types include tractors, fodder trucks, washers, generators, feeders, motors, and pumps. Suppose you are farming with livestock, rent or buy the necessary equipment. Then create a market strategy for target customers.

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