Growth Cycle Of Poultry Layers

  • Hatchery: The cycle begins with the hatching of chicks in a hatchery. Day-old chicks are usually sourced from specialized hatcheries.
  • Brooding: After hatching, the chicks are moved to a brooder house, which is equipped with heating, lighting, and ventilation systems. The brooding period typically lasts for 1-2 weeks, during which the chicks are kept in a controlled environment to ensure their health and proper development.
  • Growing phase: After the brooding period, the chicks are moved to a growing house or pullet house. Here, they continue to grow and develop until they reach sexual maturity.
  • Point of lay: At around 16-20 weeks of age, the pullets reach sexual maturity and start laying eggs. This is known as the point of lay. The pullets are then transferred to the layer house, where they are provided with optimal conditions for egg production.
  • Egg production: Once the pullets start laying eggs, they enter the egg production phase. White Leghorn hens, known for their high egg production capacity, typically lay around 280-320 eggs per year. The egg production phase can last for several years, depending on the management practices and the breed of the hens.
  • End of lay: Eventually, as the hens age, their egg production declines. After a certain period, usually around 12-14 months, the hens are considered to have reached the end of their lay cycle. At this point, they may be culled or retired from commercial egg production.

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Its important to note that the specific duration of each phase and the overall growth cycle can vary depending on factors such as breed, management practices, and the intended purpose of the flock (commercial egg production, backyard farming, etc.).

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