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Tattooing is a way of identifying goats. Tattooing equipment: includes tattoo pliers, tattoo characters (letters and numbers) for the pliers and tattoo ink. These can be ordered and purchased through the local farmer co-operative./vet shops

Method of tattooing:

  1. Clean the inside of the ear (the ears have dirt and oil on it that will prevent the ink from filling the holes made by the tattoo pliers)
  2. Apply the tattoo ink on the area to be tattooed
  3. Ensure that the sequence of the tattooing characters is correct according to the certificate of registration
  4. Press the tattooing pliers until holes appear on the skin and then release
  5. Rub the ink into the holes
  6. The excess ink can be cleaned. The characters should be easily readable as black dotes in the ear.

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