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They are goats from south Africa and are breed for meat.

They are large, stocky animals with white body and red head, brown eyes,lop ears, backward curving

horns, strong and well placed legs.

 *Gestation period*

Their gestation length is 145 days to 150 days which is 5 months.

 *Maturity period*

They reach sexual maturity at 5 months of age.

They are pregnant for 5 months, nurse their kids for 3 months, then rebreed. That is, they breed throughout the year.

They have a longer life expectancy of 8 to 12 years.


At first time, it produces one, then two kids for the next breeding.

They can also be cross bred with other breeds especially locals.


A mature male boer weights 160kg to 180kg, while a female weighs 110kgs to 120kgs.

 *Feeds and pasture*

They feed on shrubs, leaves, brush, legumes, hay like alfalfa, vegetables and fruits.

They feed about 1 to 2  kgs of hay per day.. which hay is roughage for their rumen to function properly..

They are also able to survive on grazing.


They require a large area to graze with about 50 to 60 square feet.

They need heat and shelter with plenty of fresh water inside and out.

 *Disease resistance*

They are natural resistant to diseases which gives them a longer life expectancy.


Their prices are relative to their pedigree/ bloodline

Pure males costs 5.5M

Pure female costs 4M

Cross breeds cost between 450k to 1M.

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