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Raised structures/ housing, the poles and floor are usually made with bamboo and wood.This type of housing is very suitable for goat farming.

The advantages include;

1)  Raised structures are very easy to clean that is the closet is easily cleaned, dung and urine are easily collected for manure.

2) Prevents cold weather and heat which promote respiratory problems and parasites.3) Gaps between the slats allow easy passage of fecal materials.

4) In raised structures, diseases are less.

5) It provides greatest protection for the animals from both predators and environmental conditions.

6) It requires less labour to clean and maintain.

7) It remains relatively dry and clean hence reduced space requirements.

8) Allows air and proper lighting to pass through the slats increasing ventilation and comfort in hot weather.

9) No need for bedding.


Now days for the best outcome in animal housing, the producers ,building suppliers, livestock specialists and regulatory agencies must adopt a rational and integrated approach for goat housing design that provides for health, management and husbandry, material and construction technology, energy and pollution and economic considerations

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