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Goats are wonderful creatures, and they are being raised for long time in Uganda. There are many advantages/pros of goat farming business. Currently, goats are being raised commercially in most of the parts of the world.

And popularity of commercial goat farming business is increasing gradually. Huge market demand and availability of many different goat breeds are the main advantages of goat farming business.

There are already many large goat farming companies available in many parts of the world, and they control a notable portion of the total market demand. As the population is increasing, the demand of food is also increasing. Commercial goat farming business can play a very important role to meet up this increasing food demand.

Goat products such as milk and meat, both are very nutritious and good for human health. Goats are among the main meat producing animals in many countries.

Most of the people who consume meat, generally prefer goat meat. So, goat meat has great demand in the international market. The milk is also popular in some areas.

Goats are actually multi-purpose animals. Along with meat and milk production, their skin and fiber are also valuable. Goat manure is also of very good quality and can be used for crop or other green production.

Goats play a very important role in the rural economy of some poor countries. If you are thinking about starting goat farming business, you need to know about the advantages/pros of goat farming business.

Goats are multi-purpose animals, and there are many breeds available to choose from. However, here we are describing more about the main advantages of goat farming business.

Require Less Space

Goats are smaller sized animals. So they generally require less space, compared to some other domestic animals. They have less housing demands, and a house with minimum facilities will be good for them. Even the goats can be kept with your other farm animals (in small scale family farm production).

Less Feeding Requirements

As the goats are smaller sized animals, so they require less feeds. There are some goat breeds available in EastAfrica which can survive in low quality feeding also.

Easy to Care

Most of the goat breeds generally require less caring and other management. They are very easy to care, even women and children can care for them.


Goats are multi-purpose animals, and they are raised for many different purposes. Their multipurpose utility is another advantages of goat farming business. Goats are generally raised for meat and milk.

But some goat breeds are also used for fiber or skin production. Some goat breeds are also very good for raising as pets.

Availability of Many Breeds

Depending on your area, there are some native goat breeds available, and you can choose any. You can choose any breed depending on your production purpose.

Among the native goat breeds, some are popular for meat production, some breeds are good for milk and some goat breeds are good for both meat and milk production.

If you want to produce both meat and milk, then selecting dual-purpose goat breeds will be good.. There are also some exotic goat breeds available (such as Boer, Alpine etc) in some countries.

Ready Market

Goat products such as meat and milk have great demand in international market. So you don’t have to be worry about marketing your products. Goat products have no religious taboo, and are highly accepted for consumption.

Climate Tolerance

Goats are very hardy animals, and they can adapt themselves with almost all climates around the world.

Goats are Hardy Animals

Goats are very strong and hardy animals. They are capable of surviving well than other animals. They are capable of resisting many common goat diseases.

Grow Faster

The goats are faster growing animals. They become mature quickly and multiply their numbers in the flock within a very short period of time. Goats generally reach slaughtering weight much faster.

Great ROI

Goats are easy to care, and they require less spending on their feeding, housing and caring. So, they make good profit for the farmers compared to total costs.

Employment Source

Commercial goat farming is a great employment source for the people. Especially for the educated unemployed people.

These are the main advantages of goat farming business. If you are a beginner and willing to start a new goat farming business, then you also need to know about the disadvantages of goat farming business. Good luck!



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